Principal´s Welcome

Principal´s Welcome


Welcome to Christian American School: an exceptional campus that is located in the land of eternal spring, beautiful Guatemala. We offer a unique learning environment that leverages both cultural diversity and academic excellence to empower students and equip them to tackle their dreams. Students are educated alongside Biblical core values in order to develop them as well-rounded people of strong character and sound judgement. This is accomplished through daily devotions, corporate chapel, and weekly Bible classes. Our teachers and students alike are committed to upholding our ethics and living lives that are evident of our faith.

Christian American School of Guatemala strives to provide our students with an education that will both immediately enhance their lives and prepare them for the future. Computer labs with modern software, our new science lab, an expanded music studio are places where our students can engage in technology and creatively challenge themselves with practical experience. 

What I love most about our school is that in addition to our core studies, we offer specialized classes such as Industrial Arts, Gymnastics, Swim, and Soccer. Our geographical location affords our students tremendous opportunities outside of the grounds of the school as we lead them to explore our natural resources such as volcanoes, coffee plantations, and Mayan historical cities, while being close enough to our national capital that we can also take a day to learn about government and current events.

We encourage you to give us a call, or stop by for a visit. The Christian American School represents what is best about Guatemala with a beautiful blend of teachers from both the rich cultural heritage of Guatemala, as well as North America. Come and spend some time with us and experience it for yourself.

Together... teachers, parents, students, administrators, and staff align in a common vision: To provide the best international American Education Program with Christian Values in Ciudad San Cristobal Guatemala. To press forward with the mission: To educate each student in a multicultural environment with the best teachers, resources, campus, and technology to grow intellectually, physically and spiritually to be successful anywhere in the world.



Rev. Shepherd


CAS Guatemala